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Greaseproof Paper


BAKEWELL Greaseproof Paper is a high quality paper made from bleached pulp which serves cariety of usage in both household and professional kitchens. BAKEWELL Greaseproof Paper can also simplify all the works in the kitchen, provides aroma barrier, and improves hygiene level. Suggested usages:

  • Underlying trays and/or cutting board for food preparation.
  • Serving or wrapping fast food, bread, popcorn, and sandwich.
  • Wrapping sandwiches or hamburgers for packed luncheon and picnics.
  • Using for separating layers of pancakes or other baked goods for storage.
  • Wrapping butter and margarine, moist food, or fatty food, and marinating fish or meat for storage in freezer or refrigerator.
  • Wrapping food for reheating in microwave.

" We’ve got catering all wrapped up "